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It’s An Idea

It’s an idea. Nothing more, nothing less.

Actually, you could probably class it as more than an idea. Definitely.

It’s Elysian Haze.

Everything we do starts with an idea, a tiny little idea that lingers inside us until we do something about it. It’s time I did something about this one, for once in my life.

I’ve always struggled with following through on my ideas, always. I’ll get so far and then nothing happens, I stop, it all stops. I don’t want this to happen, I don’t want to stop.

I mean, I do this over and over again. I’ll get a few months in, something will happen, I’ll change and then everything collapses and I go to restart. I’ve done it again. I know why. It’s because I’m searching for myself through attempting to write about who I want to be, what I want to stand for. I’ll continue to do so, just watch, I dare you.

Lets just back track for a second.

My internet stopped working and I went back to school, my last year of high school. It all happened at once and I quickly became overwhelmed, but not overwhelmed with school work surprisingly enough. I become overwhelmed with myself, with not knowing who I was, with needing a new start, with my common routine of starting again. I decided to start fresh and you can tell. There is nothing here, our Instagram has been restarted, I’ve decided on a lot of new things such as where Elysian Haze is heading.

And where are we heading?

Well, I say I’ve decided but I really don’t know. Well, I do but I don’t. We’re on a journey of self discovery, reaching our full potential, going on unplanned adventures, staying up late listening to our laughter, uncovering new things, keeping our earth alive, educating ourselves, overusing disposable film cameras, and a whole lot more.

Yeah! Lets go with that.

You willing to stick around? Or, even join us?

Things will take time, connections will be made, absences will probably way too long, we may say some things we don’t mean, but we’ll still be here always coming back with a post or too and Elysian Haze will stay the same or rather grow.

As I said, it’s an idea.

It’s a journey in which I hope you tag along.

It’s a bit real. It’s a bit raw. It’s a bit authentic. Well hopefully.

Elysian Haze is really just an idea we’re I am going to follow through with.

UPDATE: I don’t even understand how I feel anymore. I thought I knew so I wrote this post but now… It’s 10:11pm and this post is scheduled for 9:00am tomorrow. I’m still going to post it.

I’ve probably read it too many times. It sounds so… I guess you could say fake. Maybe it’s because I feel like such a fake at the moment. I want to curl up into a ball, cry and never face the real world again.

I know I don’t know what I want for Elysian Haze. I know it’s a jumbled mess, but to be honest I’m completely okay with that now. I want it to be a jumbled mess of everything. If it is then maybe it’ll stand up to the tagline I created — it’s real. it’s raw. it’s authentic.

I’m still going to post this, I don’t even care that I haven’t looked through what I’ve just written.

I want Elysian Haze to be a jumbled mess of who knows what.

I hope you’re okay with that.

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