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Mad March

Whenever March comes around and I say goodbye to February I know it’s going to get a little bit crazy. Mad March. I’m not sure how to describe the feelings I’ve felt throughout, it’s been a blur and I’m sitting in the cold at 6:37am not remembering anything that happened.

I’ve had so many ideas and thoughts about everything and lost them due to the strain of school. I lost myself, something I never wanted to happen. This alone has been an eye opener and I’m only writing this still half asleep as I literally woke up with an idea for my business and enterprise assignment which is too good to forget. Plus I need to charge my phone and there is just too much work to do to go back to bed.

I’ll be attempting several weeks of homework all in one day, thankfully Easter has given me another day away from school.

I was hoping March would be the month where I could get back into things, create content, and grow Elysian Haze. But, sadly I’m stress bot that gets overwhelmed extremely quickly and all my plans where thrown out the window basically. Even this post wasn’t meant to happen. So please don’t mind the utter mess of it all.


School… The one thing that is causing my hair to fall out, countless tears, and constant questioning of my own worth. It’s destroying me.

Oh, actually, I just remembered something. Good Friday was still March. Anyways, every year on Good Friday my family goes on a road trip and we did it again this year with some new places.


Well drinking. Kombacha. I’ve fallen in love with it.


Happy Days has literally been my go to. I haven’t really watched anything else.


A Beautiful Composition of Broken by R.H. Sin. This book is beautiful, the poems. There is just something about it, it’s inspiring.


Everything apart from myself. No, that’s a lie. I haven’t really been loving anything. My mind has been full of negative thoughts about myself, my worth, my work, my body, just everything.


One Of These Days by Vance Joy

VANDERLIGHT by Stop Light Observations

Sweetest Thing by Gold Member

Where’s My Love by SYML

Bet on You by The Man Who

Stranger by Miki Fiki

Okay Hollywood by CLose Talker

Not enough songs. However, Discover Weekly seemed to be my go to.

Is there anything else? I really can’t remember and I better get back into doing an assignment practically from scratch which is also due today. I’ll give you guys a tip, don’t do that.

My feet are now frozen, my eyes already tired, my mind racing in thought. I’m left to wonder what April has in store. I’m also going back to bed.

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  1. grace says

    March has been sort of a slump, for me. I’ve been LOVING Kombucha as well! Something that I really want to learn is how to make my own. XOXO, Grace

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