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Far out, the year is moving way too quickly for me to keep up. We’re like halfway through May already. What happened to April? What even happened in April? I don’t really remember. It was a blur.

I know for one, I had no internet the last week or so. Not that should make a difference or anything. It was kind of nice. I realised how much I spend time on social media. I felt a little lost, I wish I didn’t. I realised how much I relied on it.

The first term of school also came to an end. I got two weeks of freedom.


Well, I mean… I can’t escape it. School. It’s consuming my life.

Road Trippin’. On another note, I went for like a week-long road trip. It was pretty neat. I love being in the car just watching the world go by. Travelling allows me to forget about everything. I spent all my money on pins.

Meditating. I attempted to get in the routine of meditating. It worked for like a week. I’m trying to get back into it.

Working out. A new one? I don’t know. I got into the habit of working out but then I went on holiday and everything fell apart.

I don’t remember anything else. For some reason my mind is attached to the future right now.


Just food in general. I mean I haven’t really been taking that much notice.


RBT. Gotta love it.


Hippie pants. Would you even call them that? I don’t know. I own two, blue and white stripes and a red, orange and yellow kind of one. They’re comfy and make me feel half okay.


Expressing myself through art. I’ve been focusing on my love for art.


Living Water by Vancouver Sleep Clinic

Over by Seafret

Runaway by Ziggy Alberts

T-Shirt by Shortstraw

Wasted Youth by Sody, Martin Luke Brown

Something About Her by The Kents

Everybody Wants Some by Pleasure Craft

Take Your Time by Pleasure Craft

High All Day by Max Frost

I Don’t Care by Obseen

Dream by Bishop Briggs

broken by lovelytheband

Suburban Wonderland by HEIRS

Dive by Coast Modern

Rust by Platon Karataev

My Love by Until The Ribbon Breajs

Mama by The Collection

Lay Low (Acoustic) by David Benjamin, Conro

Carry On – Acoustic by Young Rising Sons

Wow, there’s not much going on here. I’m sorry. I’ve been such a mess. Life has just been getting the better of me. I want to make an effort and put time aside for Elysian Haze but then there are days where I just want to give up.

May will be better. I guess May is already better?

Elysian Haze will get better. I promise. My minds been in a better state. I’m becoming more productive. Hopefully I can get on top of school work and then smash out some content for you guys because you deserve it.

I’ll try to be better.

Things are just taking time.

I want Elysian Haze to be more. So, I’ll make it be more.

Just thanks so much for sticking around and being patient. You have no idea how much that means to me, to the future of Elysian Haze.

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