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May In Music

I never used to be someone who would put their earphones in and drown out the world with music. Now every chance I get I’m listening to music, blasting it through my bluetooth speak or through my earphones.

I can’t live without it.

There is something about discovering new songs to fall in love with that I love. Does that even make sense? This is why I’m introducing our first monthly playlist. The songs that I’ve personally been listening to on repeat throughout the month just gone. In this case, May.

So, here is my May in music.

Rivers by Joe Mungovan
Someone To You by BANNERS
Burning by Mitch King
Breezeblocks by alt-J
Red Flag Day by U2
Flaws by Bastille
Poisonous Kisses by Avi on Fire
Better Way Of Thinking by Skinny Living
Split Stones by Maggie Rogers
This Was a Home Once by Bad Suns
Blessings by Tom Walker
Maderas by Saint Mesa
Same Dark Places by JR JR

Click here to have a listen. (Let me know if you give it a listen.)

Lets spread the love and share our favourite songs around. What are yours? What have you been listening to?

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